Utah State University


Logan, UT

The Theta Zeta Provisional Chapter at Utah State University was started in the Fall of 2015 by Matt Weido, San Jose State ‘13. The Initiation Ceremony was held on December 5, 2015 and was conducted by Scott Rarick, Capital ‘10. The Provisional Chapter initiated 33 men in their first semester. The initiation was assisted by GCA Bryce Satterly, Iowa State ‘10, and Ritual Education team members Ben Eichmiller, Purdue ‘11 and Dan Devine, Iowa State ‘10. The Colonization Ceremony was held on December 9, 2015 and was conducted by Scott Rarick, Capital ‘10 at the Kappa Delta House near campus. The founding President was Ryker O. Moore.

On March 17, 2018, the group officially chartered as the Theta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. The ceremony was held at the Taggart Student Center Ballroom on the Utah State campus. Keynote speakers and guests included Grand Treasurer, Tom Brown, Indiana ‘75 and Hon. Bob Kutz, UC-Berkeley ‘67. Max Nelson, Iowa State ‘12, represented Fraternity Staff. Matt Weido, San Jose State ‘13, and Bryce Satterly, Iowa State ‘10, were also in attendance.

The Theta Zeta Chapter has been recognized as a Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup [2021] Awardee and a back to back Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup [2020, 2019] recipient. As a Provisional Chapter the Theta Zeta colony was recognized as The Chapter of the Year at Utah State University in 2016. In the Fall of 2016 the brotherhood came together and won their first intramural football championship. 

A few notable alumni, Ryker Moore and Greg Maita, have represented the Old Gal in leadership positions at Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters. Ryker Moore was the one of the Undergraduate Grand Council Members and Greg Maita worked with Headquarters as a Coordinator of Undergraduate Engagement.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2022, 2021
Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2020, 2019