University of Michigan


Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan was founded in 1817 in Detroit. It moved to Ann Arbor in 1837 and now enrolls over 26,000 undergraduate students. The first building exclusively for fraternity use was a cabin occupied by the Michigan Chapter of Chi Psi in 1845. The petition of the organizers of the Theta Chapter was approved in the spring of 1908. Initiations and installation took place in the fall of 1908 at Marietta College. First meetings of the Chapter were held at 331 Packard Street. The meeting site soon changed to rooms in the Elks Club. In 1909-10, the Chapter moved to 1511 Washtenaw Avenue, and in 1912 to 1315 Hill Street, at the corner of Forest Street. Since 1946, the chapter house has been at 920 Baldwin Avenue.

Theta suffered a decline in membership in the late 1980’s and absorbed an interest group of 18 men, bringing membership to 27 in the spring of 1990. However, the temporary growth in 1990 did not translate into a long term improvement in chapter operations. The Chapter ceased operation of its chapter house in 1991 and the house was temporarily leased to Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority. The remaining undergraduates surrendered their charter and ritual materials in late 1992.

On October 22, 1995, an interest group was formed by nine men. Seventeen men moved back into the 920 Baldwin Street chapter house in fall of 1996 and seven more were recruited during the winter term. By 1997, the Chapter was fully functioning again. Theta Chapter’s newsletter is “The Theta Wolverine.”

George Trubow, Michigan ‘53, served as Grand Senior President of Alpha Sigma Phi from 1976 to 1978, and has received the Distinguished Service Award. William G. Mason, Michigan ‘17, former Grand Treasurer, has also received the Distinguished Service Award. Benjamin F. Clarke, Michigan ‘10, served as Grand Junior President from 1923 to 1937, and as Grand Marshal from 1937 to 1946, his 23 years being the longest continuous tenure on the Grand Council of any alumnus. Victor Scott, Michigan ‘40, served as National President of Phi Pi Phi. Peter Fuss, Michigan ‘54, served as a Trustee and Director of the Alpha Sigma Phi Educational Foundation. William C. Mullendore, Michigan ‘12, was an original Trustee of the Alpha Sigma Phi Memorial Fund, and was awarded the Distinguished Merit Award in 1953. Steven Gnewkowski, Michigan ‘67, serves as General Counsel to Alpha Sigma Phi. Jim Vanek, Michigan ‘98, Albie Bell, Michigan ‘98, and Geoff Connell, Michigan ‘82, have served on the Fraternity staff.

Benjamin Oosterbaan, Michigan ‘25, was Michigan’s head football coach from 1948 through 1960, compiling a 66-33-4 record, a National Title, a Rose Bowl victory and three Big Ten crowns. His tenure coincided with chapter brother Ivan Williamson’s tenure as coach at Wisconsin (1949-55), and Eta Chapter alum Ray Eliot, head coach at Illinois (1942-59).

The Chapter voluntarily withdrew recognition from the University due to concerns over due process as well as other restrictive policies that have stunted growth.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2018, 2016, 2011 
Grand Senior President's Cup 1962
Most Improved Chapter Award 2010, 1984, 1978

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Albert Harvey Bell, V 1998 Delta Beta Xi Award
Harry S. Benjamin, Jr. 1929 Delta Beta Xi Award
Benjamin Clarke 1910 Delta Beta Xi Award
Thomas L. Conlon 1925 Delta Beta Xi Award
Geoffrey M. Connell 1982 Frank F. Hargear Recipient
Herbert L. Dunham 1917 Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Peter S. Fuss 1954 Distinguished Merit Award
Robert H. Gillmore 1912 Delta Beta Xi Award
Steven M. Gnewkowski 1967 Delta Beta Xi Award
Gary P. Grochowski 1998 Delta Beta Xi Award
Douglas Hammial 1929 Delta Beta Xi Award
Rudolph E. Hofelich 1909 Delta Beta Xi Award
Ralph N. Holzhauer 1940 Delta Beta Xi Award
A Loomis Kirkpatrick 1915 Delta Beta Xi Award
W. Gardner Mason 1917 Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Richard O. McGee 1972 Delta Beta Xi Award
Arthur B. McWood, Jr. 1949 Delta Beta Xi Award
William C. Mullendore 1912 Distinguished Merit Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Timothy Conrad Myers 2010 Undergraduate Hall of Fame
Scott A. Schwartz 1998 Delta Beta Xi Award
Roopal B. Thakkar 1990 Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
George B. Trubow 1953 Distinguished Merit Award
    Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
James A. Vanek 1998 Delta Beta Xi Award
Nathan E. Vanstone 1910 Delta Beta Xi Award
Thomas G. Varbedian, MD 1950 Distinguished Merit Award
Daniel C. Walser 1908 Delta Beta Xi Award
William W. Wilson 1947 Delta Beta Xi Award
David J. Zmyslowski 1972 Delta Beta Xi Award
Dave Michael Zutter 2010 Undergraduate Scholar of the Year