Columbia University


New York, NY

Columbia University was founded as King’s College in 1754 and renamed Columbia College in 1784. Presently, its graduate schools enroll approximately three quarters of the 28,000 students at Columbia. 

Lambda Chapter was established at Columbia through the efforts of William E. Byers, Marietta 1908. It was installed on May 28, 1910. The early chapter had a great deal of difficulty coping with the high rents of New York City. In 1919, the Chapter settled at 625 W. 113th Street. In 1930, it moved to 524 West 114th Street. After World War II, the Chapter was located at 424 W. 116th Street. Lambda’s newsletter was “Lambda News.”

The Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi began as a colony, known as Sigma Theta, and was installed on June 1, 1928. Rennie D’Angelo was a leader of the Colony and early Alpha Kappa Pi Chapter. Upon the merger of Alpha Kappa Pi and Alpha Sigma Phi, the initiates of the Alpha Kappa Pi Chapter were added to the roll of Lambda Chapter.

Charles E. Hall, Columbia 1913, served as the first Executive Secretary of Alpha Sigma Phi. Five other Lambda Chapter alumni served as Grand Council or Grand Prudential Committee members of Alpha Sigma Phi.

High housing costs and limited size of incoming classes from which to draw rush materials due to the impact of the draft during the Korean Conflict weakened the Chapter and contributed to its closure in 1959. The roster of Lambda Chapter contains 442 names.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Paul J. Bickel 1910 Delta Beta Xi Award
Ambrose Day 1920 Delta Beta Xi Award
Irvin D. Foos 1914 Delta Beta Xi Award
Wayne I. Grunden 1928 Delta Beta Xi Award
Charles E. Hall 1913 Delta Beta Xi Award
Ralph C. Hawkins 1916 Delta Beta Xi Award
Joseph E. Johnston 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award