University of Wisconsin


Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin was founded in 1848. University Hall, now known as Bascom Hall, was completed facing the State Capitol in 1859. The University became a land grant university in 1866. Its recent enrollment exceeds 28,000 undergraduates in 20 schools offering over 130 undergraduate majors. Kappa Chapter was installed on April 1, 1909 at the National Convention at Champaign Illinois. In the Fall of 1909, only three of the chapter’s members returned to school and John Roemer, Marietta 1887, was instrumental in assisting the early chapter survive.

Kappa”s first house was at 809 W. Johnson Street. The Chapter’s house from 1910 to 1915 was at 609 Lake Street. From 1915 to 1926, the chapter was at 619 Lake Street.  In 1926 the chapter purchased a $90,000 house at 244 Lake Lawn Place which it used until World War II interrupted operations.

In 1949 the chapter was revived by Ben Rusy, Jr. and Jim Rusy. It obtained a house at 622 North Henry Street. Although 53 members were initiated over the next five years, the chapter was never able to regain its former position, and its operations ceased in 1954. Following cessation of undergraduate operations, reunions of Kappa Alumni were held at the Union League Club of Chicago for many years. The roster contains the names of 414 initiates. The Chapter newsletter was “The Excuse”.

The Distinguished Service Award of Alpha Sigma Phi has been awarded to George Worthington, Wisconsin ‘09, who had served Alpha Sigma Phi as Grand Corresponding Secretary and Grand Councilor. Two Kappa members served on the Grand Prudential Committee. Fred Evans, Zeta of Phi Pi Phi, served as National Vice President of Phi Pi Phi. George Worthington, Wisconsin ‘09, Calvin Schwenker, Wisconsin ‘09, Paul Anderson, Wisconsin ‘18, Dr. C. K. F. Schubert, Wisconsin ‘17, and B. B. Langen, Wisconsin ‘21, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award. John O. Merrill, Wisconsin ‘14, received the Distinguished Merit Award. Lawrence Eagleburger, Wisconsin ‘51, served as U.S. 

Secretary of State, capping a long and distinguished career in the U. S. diplomatic service. Ivan R. Williamson, Michigan ‘30 was head football coach at Wisconsin from 1949 to 1955, compiling a 41-19-4 record. His 1952 Badger team was Wisconsin’s first Rose Bowl team. Williams was athletic director from 1955 to 1969.

The Zeta Chapter of Phi Pi Phi was installed in 1923. George Banta of Phi Delta Theta, editor of Baird’s Manual of American College Fraternities at the time, attended the installation banquet. The chapter’s first house was at 5 Langdon Street, but in 1926 the fraternity purchased a house at 250 Langdon Street. By Fall 1933, the Phi Pi Phi chapter at Wisconsin had lost its house due to the impact of the Depression.

Kappa was re-chartered on February 28, 2015.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2016

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Paul A C Anderson 1918 Delta Beta Xi Award
Bertram B. Langen 1921 Delta Beta Xi Award
John O. Merrill 1915 Distinguished Merit Award
Clarence K. Schubert 1917 Delta Beta Xi Award
Calvin F. Schwenker 1909 Delta Beta Xi Award
David Jacob Vargas 2021 Alpha Sigma Pride Scholarship
George E. Worthington 1909 Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award