Lawrence Institute of Technology


Southfield, MI

Lawrence Institute of Technology was founded in 1932. On June 18, 1933, the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon was chartered at Lawrence Institute of Technology. Arthur McDonald, “Sparky” Force and Kenneth Meade of the General Motors Institute Chapter were responsible for the organization. The installation took place at the Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsilon at General Motors Institute, Flint, Michigan.

In 1937, the Chapter was able to buy a chapter house. That house was sold during World War II, but another was purchased in 1947. The campus moved from Highland Park to Southfield in 1952 and the house was lost. The Chapter survived and would have been chartered in Alpha Sigma Phi in 1965 or 1966, but the Institute was not fully accredited. Under the terms of the merger between Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Gamma Upsilon, the Chapter remained eligible for chartering if the school completed the requirements for accreditation. 

Accreditation was granted in April 1967 and Theta and Gamma Sigma Chapters conducted new member education and guided the group toward installation. Chartering took place on November 11, 1967. Grand Senior President Ray Glos, Illinois ‘22, presented the charter to Chapter President Donald Cerget. James Brown, past President of Alpha Gamma Upsilon, was master of ceremonies. Charter members were Brian P. Judge, Daniel J. Huber, Donald A. Cerget, Edward P. Gordon, Eugene T. Schlarman, Gary D. Churchill, James J. Tabb, Keith F. Baker, Marvin L. Peck, Paul R. Riethmeier, Richard W. Rodgers, Thomas E. Hansz, Thomas M. Jenzen, Thomas E. Krauth, Thomas K. Weir, William M. Bennett, William K. Stiem, and William J. Whitaker.  Wayne H. Buell, an early member of the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Chapter, was President of Lawrence Institute of Technology from 1964 to 1977 and led the school to accreditation. Click here to view more historical items from the Gamma Psi Chapter.

In 1978, the Chapter moved to a new house at 25131 Circle Drive, Southfield. Only three undergraduates returned to Lawrence Tech in the fall of 1982. The three returning members were Bob Vieracker, Dave Cross and John Winters, and with the help of three alumni, they recruited 19 new members. The Chapter rented quarters on McClung in 1985-86. The charter was suspended in March 1989 for improper pre-initiation activities. An overhaul of chapter operations was unsuccessful in bringing necessary growth. Funds to purchase a house eluded the alumni and chapter, and membership declined to three by fall of 1990. The Chapter surrendered its charter in January 1991. The alumni of the Chapter operated as an alumni council for a time in the 1980’s.

A revival effort commenced in 2002. An interest group of three men were in place by the end of 2002 spring term. Others came and left the group as the three carried on into 2003. Undergraduate, alumni and staff efforts in fall 2003 brought in 18 new members, and the group was recognized as a colony on February 13, 2004. C. Richard Hall, Lawrence Tech ‘68 was the Faculty Advisor to the Colony. Gary Mallia, Lawrence Tech ‘84, and Bob Look, Lawrence Tech ‘74, were Alumni Advisors to the Colony. 

On April 7, 2004, the Colony was admitted to full membership in the Lawrence Tech Interfraternity Council. The Chapter was re-chartered at General Motors World Headquarters on November 12-13, 2004, the 37th anniversary of its initial chartering in Alpha Sigma Phi. There were 21 initiates and 25 fall 2004 new members at the time of the re-chartering. The new charter was presented by Grand Marshal Richard Ritter, Ohio Wesleyan ‘93, and other insignia of the chapter were presented by Alpha Sigma Phi CEO Drew Thawley, Ohio Wesleyan ‘94, to Chapter President Ryan Cousino. “Gamma Psi Times” was the chapter newsletter.

In the fall of 2011, Jason H. Nolen-Doerr, Murray State ‘05, worked with the administration at Lawrence Tech to re-organize the Chapter after membership numbers had declined to an unmanageable number. His initial efforts revived the group by bringing in 24 men who went through the Pledge Ceremony on October 11, 2011. These men were fully initiated on February 26, 2012.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2018, 2017, 2015, 2010 
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2022, 2020, 2016, 2014 

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Bradley J. Bond 1976 Delta Beta Xi Award
Donald J. Carmichael 1970 Delta Beta Xi Award
Steven M. Chegash 1976 Delta Beta Xi Award
Kurt D. Essenmacher 1969 Delta Beta Xi Award
Paul J. Fitzpatrick 1969 Delta Beta Xi Award
Brian P. Judge 1967 Delta Beta Xi Award
Kristopher R.K. Koko 2013 Undergraduate Hall of Fame
Thomas E. Krauth 1967 Delta Beta Xi Award
Brandon Ronald LaCourciere 2004 Delta Beta Xi Award
Gary A. Lewis 1972 Delta Beta Xi Award
Robert C. Look, Jr. 1974 Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Stephen Walter Lynch 2012 Undergraduate Hall of Fame
Conrad P. Schwartz 1968 Delta Beta Xi Award
Dennis F. Slavin 1968 Delta Beta Xi Award
Thomas Venettis 1969 Delta Beta Xi Award
Robert W. Vieracker 1981 Delta Beta Xi Award