Tulane University


New Orleans, LA

Tulane University grew out of the Medical College of Louisiana, founded in 1834. An Alpha Sigma Phi Colony was established by 16 students at Tulane University on April 6, 1962. The Chapter was installed on March 8, 1964 in conjunction with a Grand Council meeting that was being held in New Orleans. Grand Senior President Dallas Donnan, Illinois ‘22, Grand Junior President John Blackburn, Missouri Valley ‘45, Grand Treasurer Ray Glos, Illinois ‘22, Grand Secretary C. G. Coburn, Missouri ‘31, Grand Marshal Augie Augustine, California ‘22, and Grand Councilor Gardner Mason, Michigan ‘17, along with Grand Chapter Advisor Richard Detjen, Washington ‘56, made the installation. The Chapter’s first house was at 921 Broadway. Joseph Stolfi, Tulane ‘64, was the Founding President. The Chapter died out in the mid 1970’s.

Reactivation efforts began in the fall of 1978. Alumni involved in the effort from the outset were David Blevins, John Krupsky, Alex Ashey, and Jim Reid, Jr., son of Jim Reid, Missouri ‘39. The re-colonization was successful and the Gamma Omicron Chapter was re-chartered in ceremonies on February 2, 1980. Grand Junior President Richard Gibbs, Oklahoma ‘51, installed the Chapter. Faculty advisor Terry E. Christianson, Michigan ‘67, was recognized for his contributions to Gamma Omicron. Executive Director Kevin Garvey, Westminster ‘75, and Chapter Consultants Jeff Hoffman, Member-at-Large ‘76, and Rob Sheehan, Westminster ‘76, attended. In the summer of 1980, arrangements were made for a new chapter house on Broadway.

The Chapter opened the fall of 1982 with only five members. Evin Varner, Presbyterian ‘58, spent several weeks working with Gamma Omicron. The Chapter continued, usually with limited membership, through 1990 when its three active members returned to campus. Staff and alumni assisted Jeff Olson, Tulane ‘89, in recruiting a new member class to carry on the Chapter. In the spring of 1992, with seven brothers and three new members, the Chapter decided to discontinue operations. The charter was revoked March 26, 1992. The Chapter roll of Gamma Omicron contains the names of 280 initiates. Jim Reid, Jr., Tulane ‘68, assisted with revival of Alpha Theta Chapter at Missouri in 1981 and as an advisor to Epsilon Beta Chapter at Lindenwood University.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

James S. Reid, Jr 1968 Delta Beta Xi Award