Sacramento State University


Sacramento, CA

Sacramento State College was founded in June of 1947. Until 1953, the College operated on the campus of Sacramento City College.

Kappa Sigma Kappa was the pioneer fraternity at Sacramento State College in 1947. By 1955, the name had been changed to Kappa Sigma Phi and chartering in Alpha Sigma Phi was sought. The group was assisted by the Sacramento Alumni Council. In 1960, the College administration decided to allow national fraternities and the local group was recognized as a colony of Alpha Sigma Phi. Six members of the colony and two faculty members were initiated at Tau Chapter (Stanford) in May of 1960. Eighteen men signed the petition for charter. Among them were Wallis Clark, President of the Associated Students, and Fred Lizalde, varsity football center. 

The local group became Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi in installation ceremonies on May 28, 1961. Ralph F. Burns, Ohio Wesleyan ‘32, installed the Chapter and a six-man team from Psi Chapter (Oregon State) conducted the initiation. Dr. Guy West, President of Sacramento State College, was the Keynote Speaker at the installation banquet, and Grand Province Chief Charles R. Sturgis, UCLA ‘43, presented the charter. Grand Junior President Dallas Donnan, Illinois ‘23, and past Grand Senior President Emmet Hayes, Stanford ‘31, presented toasts at the banquet. George Shurr, Minnesota 1918, Paul Riddle, Miami (FL) ‘52, and Faculty Advisor Paschel Monk, Sacramento ‘60, directed incorporation of the Alpha Sigma Phi Corporation of Sacramento in the spring of 1962. Joe Mehrten, Sacramento ‘61, was the first Chapter President. At the time of installation, the Chapter claimed 160 alumni. Dr. Paschel Monk, Sacramento ‘61 was Faculty Advisor to Kappa Sigma Phi and the Gamma Nu Chapter from 1951 to 1972, and received the Delta Beta Xi Award. In 2008, the Gamma Nu Housing Corporation donated its remaining capital to Sacramento State University for a scholarship in Dr. Monk’s name.

A house was obtained at 1903 “S” Street. After four years, the Chapter moved to 1960 Twenty-First Street in Sacramento. With the onset of the Vietnam War, membership declined and the house was lost. In 1971, the Chapter consisted of veterans who found it difficult to recruit incoming high school graduates and the Chapter closed. The roster contains 149 names. The chapter newsletter was “Siggy Raider.”

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Leo Paschal Monk 1960 Delta Beta Xi Award