University of Akron


Akron, OH

The University began as Buchtel College in 1870. It became a municipal university in 1913 and a state university in 1967. Akron’s fraternity system originated in 1873.

An interest group was organized with Fraternity staff assistance of Jeremy Rodgers, Murray State ‘99, and Mike Post, UNC - Charlotte ‘01, in Spring 2004. The group held a number of vision and goal setting developmental meetings. With assistance from Greg Ghirardi, Ohio State ‘98, they organized and elected officers. The group planted and maintained a flower bed in the city and were the opening act in the school’s Spring Songfest. By the end of the Spring 2004 school year there were eleven members of the group. In Fall 2004, emphasis was placed on recruitment and program development. Membership grew to 25 and the group fielded intramural teams and held socials with other Greek organizations on the campus. On December 6, 2004, the group became an Alpha Sigma Phi provisional chapter in ceremonies on the campus.

In Spring 2005 a constitution and by-laws were adopted, new elections held, and the provisional chapter took the lead role in staging Songfest. One member served as stage manager. The provisional chapter earned the second highest grade point average of any IFC member group. While new service projects were added, the original adopt-a-site project was maintained. During the summer, a weekend planning retreat was held at the Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters in Carmel, Indiana. Three new members were added.

Fall 2005 brought the provisional chapter’s first reduction in size as a number of members graduated, transferred to other schools, joined the service, or withdrew. Ten new members were added. Service projects for CCI and Children’s Services held, and involvement in intramurals and Greek activities continued.  By March 2006, the provisional chapter had grown to 33 members. It won the University Songfest in Spring 2006, and sponsored its first senior cookout to honor graduating members and alumni. The provisional chapter also continued their service projects, earned the highest grade point average of any campus fraternity. It had built a very strong reputation on campus.

In fall of 2006, the provisional chapter continued to participate in Greek events and community service. Once again it took the top standing in IFC grade point average, and won Songfest for the second straight year. With 39 members, the provisional chapter submitted its petition to Charter, and the petition was approved by Grand Council in November 2006.

Epsilon Sigma Chapter was chartered on February 3, 2007. Greg Ghirardi, Ohio State ‘98,  served as Grand Chapter Advisor throughout the chapter’s development. Undergraduates from Zeta, Beta Rho, Delta Beta, Gamma Zeta, and Epsilon Theta assisted with the initiations. Interest group members from Alpha Mu attended. Fraternity staff member Dan Duncan, Ohio State ‘00 and Jimmy Byers, Murray State ‘03, were speakers at the installation. Grand Councilor Jonathan Burns, Member-at-Large ‘84, was the installing officer.

Dane Leasure, Akron ‘07, served Alpha Sigma Phi as an Undergraduate Grand Councilor.

On March 16, 2015, Rhys Campbell, Akron ‘10 of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter, contacted Fraternity Headquarters to inquire about a potential re-start in the Fall of 2015. Fraternity Headquarters worked collaboratively with the University of Akron to lead these efforts and was granted permission to move forward. Michael Sloboda, Albright ‘12 led recruitment efforts by recruiting 24 men, helping revitalize the Epsilon Sigma Chapter.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2022, 2020, 2018, 2014, 2013 
Grand Senior President's Cup 2008
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2019, 2012, 2010 
Victor B. Scott Award 2019

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Ryan Charles DeBoer 2018 Undergraduate Hall of Fame