Miami University


Oxford, OH

Miami University was founded by an act of the Ohio Legislature in 1809. Alpha Delta Phi chartered the first fraternity chapter there in 1835 and five national fraternities have been founded there.

An organizational meeting was moderated by Jim Vanek, Michigan ‘98, and Bill Kellerman, Missouri ‘81, in Laws Hall in February 2003. Twelve Miami undergraduate students met and discussed the possibility of forming a new fraternity on the campus. After several additional meetings, a theme, MUFASA (Miami University Fraternities Against Sexual Assault) was adopted. The goal of the group was to become a force for positive change for the entire campus and community. 

The interest group organized appearances of nationally known speakers on sexual assault and its prevention. The Greek community embraced the effort.

Over the next term, the Alpha Sigma Phi interest group concentrated on brotherhood development and recruitment. It was the first recent entry to the campus Greek system which was not seeking to re-charter an inactive chapter. During the course of building the colony, seven of the first twelve members left the group, and three of the next five who had joined also withdrew. In spite of the losses, the group grew from 13 men in Spring 2004 to 28 members in September 2004 and to 50 men in April 2005. The group openly marketed its goal and vision with signs and flyers. Heath Stephens, Mike Hops Walther, and GCA Bill Kellerman mentored the group. Formal colonization took place in late September 2004.

Colonization was followed by two months of consolidation and planning. In November 2004, Josh Borean was elected president. The following spring a retreat at Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters was facilitated by Heath Stephens, Josh Orendi, Mike Post, and Jim Vanek. Grand Secretary Jonathan Burns, Member-at-Large ‘84, and Greg Sinise, Purdue ‘70, attended a chat session during the retreat. Recruiting including intra-colony football games and coke and nacho nights brought in new members every few weeks. Enthused by the trophy skins at Headquarters, the colony challenged nearby chapters to a football tournament for a skin. Four members of the colony were on the Miami University Student Senate; many were members of the Air Force ROTC. The colony financed, prepared, and published a pamphlet for incoming students explaining Miami traditions, customs, and college songs.

Forty-five colony members signed the petition for charter. The colony was chartered and 42 men initiated on October 8, 2005. Grand Secretary Jonathan Burns, Member-at-Large ‘84, presented the charter. Brian Kissel was elected first President of the chapter. Bill Kellerman, Missouri ‘81, was the initial Grand Chapter Advisor.  The chapter went through a sharp decline after the charter members graduated, but commencement of charter revocation proceedings in early 2008 led to a resolve to survive on the part of several undergraduates and alumni. Chris Musbach, Ohio Wesleyan ‘02, replaced Bill Kellerman as GCA, and several Cincinnati alumni assisted the chapter. The chapter was restored to good standing in May 2007.

By the 2009 fall semester, membership had dwindled to five men. In the 2010 spring semester, the remaining undergraduates were placed on alumni status and a re-organization effort was launched by Fraternity staff member, Josh Franke, Otterbein ‘06. That spring, nearly 40 new members were recruited and the chapter was successfully revitalized.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2019, 2014, 2013

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Ryan Todd Bakita 2006 Delta Beta Xi Award
Tyler Robert Gau 2011 Dr. Otto L. Sonder Advisor of the Year
Heath R. Stephens 2005 Delta Beta Xi Award
Steven James Wuchnick 2005 Delta Beta Xi Award