University of Hartford


Hartford, CT

The University of Hartford was founded in 1877 as an art school. It combined with Hillyer Junior College, founded in 1937, and was chartered as a University in 1957. By 2000, the University’s enrollment had grown to 7,000 matriculating in nine schools on a 320 acre campus.

In early October 1999, five students at the University of Hartford, Adam Babb, Paul Brand, Marty Corbelli, Jeremy Lutin and Faman Singh, decided to form a fraternal brotherhood. Within weeks, the group had grown to 17 men and adopted the name Kappa Psi Omega Fraternity. Contact was made with Alpha Sigma Phi and a presentation was made by Drew Thawley, Ohio Wesleyan ‘94. After Thawley’s presentation, Kappa Psi Omega voted to seek a charter in Alpha Sigma Phi. A delegation from the interest group attended the re-installation of Alpha Chapter at Yale University on December 6, 2000. 

In March of 2001, the interest group was recognized as a colony of Alpha Sigma Phi. Adam Silver, Michigan ‘98, served as the Colony Advisor. In 2001, the Colony joined Theta Chi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Tau Epsilon Rho, Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon as the only NIC Fraternities on the campus.

On October 9, 2001, the Colony submitted a petition for chartering. The petition was approved and the group was initiated by undergraduates from Beta Psi (RPI), Alpha Tau (Stevens Tech) and Epsilon Kappa (Albright) Chapters on October 11-12, 2002. Grand Secretary Mark Still, Washington ‘75, presented the charter at the installation banquet.

The Chapter won the Intramural Bowling Championship in fall of 2005. In July of 2012, Justin Ferreira, Hartford ‘10, joined Fraternity Staff as Coordinator of Expansion and Growth. He is the first member from the Epsilon Lambda Chapter to work on the Fraternity Staff.

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2017, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2011 

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Kenneth Roland O'Hara 2002 Delta Beta Xi Award