University of Southern Indiana


Evansville, IN

The University of Southern Indiana opened in 1969. It became an independent university in 1984 and grew to enroll 8,000 students at the end of its first quarter century.

Delta Sigma Chi was founded by twenty students in the spring of 1994. At a planning retreat, the group voted to seek affiliation with Alpha Sigma Phi. Bryan Meador was the leader of the interest group when it became recognized by Alpha Sigma Phi on May 4, 1994. On September 19, 1994, Alpha Sigma Phi held a reception at the Evansville Marriott, which was attended by 8 alumni and 14 undergraduates. The interest group had the second highest grade point average of any campus organization in the spring of 1995.

In fall 1995, Delta Sigma Chi pledged 25 men in formal recruitment and added two more in informal recruitment. David Lee was president of the group and 42 men signed the petition when the group petitioned for colony status in September 1995. Delta Sigma Chi obtained a 14 man house on Greek Court and filled it. It won Greek Week in each of its first two years. John Mullen was named Greek Man of the Year at SIU for 1995-1996. The group reached a membership of 40 by the spring of 1996, but many did not return for the fall semester. In the fall of 1997, a petition for charter was submitted by 29 undergraduates and three alumni members. The Epsilon Gamma Chapter chartered on February 21, 1998. 

In 2004, the Chapter’s grade point average was below 2.0 and the Chapter was placed on social probation by the University. In spring 2005, the Chapter had the second highest grade point average of any campus organization and highest of any fraternity. In fall 2005, Epsilon Gamma pledged 25 men in formal rush. With five undergraduate initiates and at times no more than $30.00 in the chapter bank account, the Chapter struggled to maintain operations and only five men in the new member class qualified for initiation. One additional member, David Melander, was initiated in spring of 2006 and served as Vice President and Recruitment Director during the following school year. Six men were recruited in the spring and another six members in fall 2006. The Chapter was able to eliminate debt and rebuild the quality of chapter operations. Brian Pitney, Murray State ‘98, served as Grand Chapter Advisor and mentor to Epsilon Gamma from 2005 to 2007. The Chapter grew significantly in 2008 with 16 initiates.

The Chapter closed in fall 2014 due to low membership despite strategic efforts by Fraternity Staff and local alumni to revive the Epsilon Gamma Chapter.

Ian Fraser, the Fraternity's Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, attended his undergrad at Southern Indiana, but was not affiliated with the Epsilon Gamma Chapter. He initiated as a Member-at-Large in April of 2015.