Radford University


Radford, VA

Radford University was chartered in 1910. The Fraternity system at Radford developed in the late 1970’s. An expansion group started in early 1979 through the efforts of expansion consultant Jeff Hoffman, Member-at-Large ‘76.  Brother John Bone, Gamma Phi ‘76, assisted the group. Colony status was attained on May 4, 1979. Jeff Worley, Radford ‘80, was first President of the colony.

The chapter was chartered on November 7, 1980. Alpha Sigma Phi was the fifth fraternity chartered at the school. 15 brothers from the Gamma Phi chapter conducted the initiation ceremony. Hugh Hornsby, Radford ‘80, was first president of the chapter and accepted the charter from Grand Junior President Richard Sanders, Alpha Omicron ‘62. The chapter newsletter is “The Phoenix Flyer”.  The chapter’s first house was at 307 Adams Street, Radford, Virginia. Undergraduate membership reached 50 and the Chapter won the University President’s Award for the outstanding Radford fraternity in 1982, 1986, and 1992. The chapter also won the Radford University President’s Excellence Award for Scholarship in 1986-87. In 1991 the Chapter moved into new quarters in the University’s Hunter’s Ridge Complex.

Founding Brother Richard Kahler, Radford ‘82, received the 1984 Frank. Hargear Award and served on the Fraternity Staff. Two year Chapter President and Interfraternity Council President John Lyon, Radford ‘87, received the 1989 Frank F. Hargear Memorial Award, is a long-time local and national volunteer, served as the chapter’s Grand Chapter Advisor and  served on the Foundation’s Finance Committee. Brother Kahler served on the Fraternity staff. Bernie Schulz, Radford ‘89, served on the Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi, and was an originator and architect of our housing corporation CLVEN LLC. The chapter received the Service Award in 1989 and 1990. Dr. Robert Gill, Radford ‘83, Richard Kahler, Radford ‘82, John Lyon, Radford ‘87, and Bernard Schulz, Radford ‘89, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

After 31 years of success, the Delta Theta Chapter at Radford University was closed May 12, 2011, for repeated risk management violations, financial issues, and lack of communication with Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters and campus administrators. The closure followed removing several men from the chapter. Fraternity staff was assigned to work with the remaining men dedicated to Alpha Sigma Phi’s values for a six-month period. Subsequently the undergraduates decided the outside influences were too difficult to overcome. Alumni of the chapter concurred in the closure, and supported arrangements between the Fraternity and University for a 2013 restoration effort.

A group was re-started at Radford University in the spring of 2014 by Dylan Dunne, Grand Valley ‘10. Doug Jones, Cornell ‘09 led the first Initiation Ceremony for the Delta Theta Provisional Chapter.

The Delta Theta Provisional Chapter was approved to re-charter and the ceremony was held on Saturday November 5, 2016 at Muse Hall on Radford’s campus. Brother Byron Hughes, Salisbury ‘06, was the keynote speaker and Brother Matt Flanagan, Massachusetts ‘13 (Fraternity Staff), was also in attendance. 

On November 12, 2018, the Delta Theta Chapter was issued an interim suspension from Radford University for alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. After a series of hearings, the University suspended the Chapter through fall 2021. On January 8, 2019, the Fraternity made the decision to revoke Delta Theta’s charter but have plans to return to Radford University when the suspension is concluded.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Robert M. Gill 1983 Delta Beta Xi Award
Richard G. Kahler 1982 Frank F. Hargear Recipient
    Delta Beta Xi Award
John M. Lyon 1987 Delta Beta Xi Award
    Frank F. Hargear Recipient
Bernard Donald Schulz 1989 Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
    Delta Beta Xi Award