William Paterson University


Wayne, NJ

William Paterson College was established in 1855. The Alpha Sigma Phi chapter grew out of a friendship between Chris White, Stockton ‘84, and Frank Ruscil, Jr., William Paterson ‘86. White’s enthusiasm about his experience as a charter member of Delta Lambda prompted Ruscil to organize a group at William Paterson. The group grew to 33 by the time of the official colonization on January 18, 1986.

Grand Senior President Donald R. Morgan, Purdue ‘57, presented the Colonization Certificate. Also attending the Colonization Ceremony were past Grand Senior President Richard Dexter, Oregon State ‘60, Tom Welsh, Westminster ‘79, and Richard Kahler, Radford ‘82. 

The Colony was installed as the Delta Mu Chapter by Grand Senior President Robert Sandercox, Bethany ‘51, in ceremonies on December 13, 1986. Rich Kahler, Radford ‘82, coordinated chartering activities. Members of Alpha Rho (NJIT) and Delta Lambda (Richard Stockton) Chapters initiated the 53 charter members. Grand Councilor Charles Vohs, Penn State ‘75, Grand Province Chief John Luckenbill, Stockton ‘84, and Executive Director Robert M. Sheehan, Jr., Westminster ‘76, attended. Frank Ruscil, Jr., William Paterson ‘86, was Founding Chapter President. Alpha Sigma Phi was the second NIC Fraternity to charter a chapter at the school. The “Pioneer Press” was the chapter newsletter. 

The charter was withdrawn in fall 1999 due to financial and recruitment issues. The Chapter initiated 151 men at the time of closing.

An interest group was established at William Patterson in 2010, and progressed to colony status. It closed the 2010-2011 academic year with 19 members. In 2011-12, the Colony was disciplined for tardy paperwork. It was operating without recognition from the campus interfraternity organization. Three members of the Colony attended the 2012 Academy of Leadership.

In September of 2012, Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters received a complaint, alleging that the Delta Mu Colony was violating Fraternity Risk Management policies, specifically the policy prohibiting all forms of hazing. Based on that allegation, an investigation was conducted and as a result of that investigation, Headquarters staff determined that the Colony was responsible for violating Risk Management Policies. Between failing to attend Grand Chapter 2012, mounting debt, behavioral issues that caused the University to suspend recognition, an inability to achieve basic operational standards, and their most recent risk management violation, the National Organization ceased operations of the Colony at William Paterson University, effective immediately.