Longwood University


Farmville, VA

Longwood College originated as the Farmville Female Seminary in 1833. It became a state teachers college in 1884, and adopted its present name in 1949.

An Alpha Sigma Phi interest group was formed on the campus with staff support early in 1979. Colonization took place on December 2, 1979, with Grand Marshal Evin Varner, Presbyterian ‘58, presenting the colonization certificate. Jeff Hoffman, Member-at-Large ‘76, and Rob Sheehan, Jr., Westminster ‘76, challenged the colonists to carry on to chartering.

On November 14, 1980, twenty-one charter members of Delta Iota Chapter were initiated by a team from Beta Zeta Chapter at North Carolina State University. Delta Iota Chapter was installed on November 15, 1980, by Grand Treasurer Stan N. Miller, Purdue ‘64. Vincent Price, Yale ‘30, Peter Tourtellot, American ‘57, Kevin Garvey, Westminster ‘75, and Jeff Schwind, Toledo ‘75, were honored guests at the installation banquet. Quarters and meeting rooms were in Frazer Hall. Delta Iota of Alpha Sigma Phi is the fourth oldest NIC fraternity chapter on the campus, and was chartered within two years of the first fraternity to enter the campus. In 2006 the chapter was in significant debt to the Fraternity and was not responding to communications. Charter revocation proceedings were commenced, but alumni intervened and new chapter leadership brought the situation to successful resolution.

In recent years, the chapter has seen a decline in operational areas such as finances, academics, and recruitment. The Fraternity Staff intervened, in hopes of setting a path for the chapter that would lead it back to success. The benchmarks set forth by Fraternity Staff outlined five deadlines, with action items to be completed at each point. Although all the deadlines were met for the first deadline of September 10, 2012, the chapter failed to meet the action items that were due on October 1, 2012. Said benchmarks included recruiting eight men, with biographical forms filled out and on payment plans, as well as having a constitution and bylaws turned into Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters. As a result of the chapter failing to comply with benchmarks and minimum expectations issued by the Headquarters Staff, we unfortunately now consider the Delta Iota Chapter at Longwood University a Reorganized Status Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi.

All members of the chapter have immediately been moved to suspended status. When the Delta Iota Chapter reorganizes in January, those chapter members that are still undergraduates will have two options. One option is to move to an alumni status. The other option is to meet with the Fraternity Staff member that will be on campus in January and explore the possibility of regaining active status.

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Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2022, 2014 

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Mason Granville Patrick 2017 Undergraduate Hall of Fame