Hartwick College


Oneonta, NY

Hartwick College was established in 1797 as the first Lutheran Seminary in America. A four-year collegiate program was inaugurated in 1928. On November 11, 1932 a local fraternity, Alpha Sigma Chi, was organized at Hartwick College. At the time national fraternities were prohibited. When the ban was lifted in 1935, Alpha Sigma Chi petitioned Alpha Kappa Pi, and was chartered as the Alpha Alpha Chapter on May 4, 1935. Alpha Kappa Pi became the pioneer national fraternity at Hartwick. There were nine alumni, including seven graduates, and 30 undergraduates at the time of chartering. Reginald W. Dietz, Hartwick ‘35, was the Founding Chapter President. The Chapter rented a house at 21 Cedar Street at the time of its installation.

In 1946, the Chapter became Beta Xi of Alpha Sigma Phi. In 1948, the Beta Xi Chapter moved from its former house to its present home at 71 Spruce Street. The Chapter pioneered dry recruitment on the campus in the spring 1989; all 17 bids extended by the Chapter in the recruitment period were accepted. In 1990, a $100,000.00 house renovation program was completed on the Spruce Street house.

Beta Xi Chapter won the Tomahawk Award for 1969. Beta Xi also won the Scholarship Improvement Award for 1961, the Summa Cum Laude Award for 1961, Fraternity Scholarship Award for 1959-61 and 1954-56, the Scholastic Improvement Awards for 1960-61 and 1956-57. The chapter newsletter is “Hue and Cry.”

In March of 2006, the Chapter was suspended after two potential new members were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. The Chapter’s president contended that the potential new members had not consumed alcohol at the chapter house, but went to a bar afterward. The reputation of Greek organizations at Oneonta is felt to be tarnished by local Greek letter organizations at neighboring Oneonta. In 2006, Hartwick College announced that it was considering eliminating its Fraternity system of two national fraternities, one national sorority, and three local groups.

In 2008, Beta Xi won the Hartwick’s Chapter of the Year Award, and Chapter President Geoff McDonald, Hartwick ‘05, was awarded Greek Man of the Year.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Paul R. Messner 1999 Delta Beta Xi Award
William M. Mollica 1977 Delta Beta Xi Award