Milton College


Milton, WI

Milton College originated in 1844 and was chartered as a college in 1867. The Epsilon Society was established by ten students at Milton College in 1939 and chartered as Alpha Eta of Alpha Kappa Pi on April 20, 1940.  Alpha Kappa Pi was the first fraternity to establish a chapter at the college. In 1946 the chapter became Beta Upsilon of Alpha Sigma Phi. George Lake, Beta Upsilon “40, a combat casualty in World War II was memorialized in a fountain on the Milton College campus in 1949.

In 1969 the chapter purchased a house at 734 East Madison Avenue, Milton. It was the first house owned by any fraternity on the campus. A party room was added to the house in 1972. The chapter won 1969-70 and 1963-64 Summa Cum Laude Awards and the 1969 Tomahawk Award. The chapter’s newsletter, “By-Line”, won the Fraternity”s Chapter Newsletter Award in 1970. Dr. David D. Heenan, Beta Upsilon ‘42, William A. Jambrek, Beta Upsilon ‘59, and James G. Kirkwood, Beta Upsilon ‘67, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

In the mid-1970’s enrollment at the college fell. Faced with the failure of the college after 110 years of operations, the charter was withdrawn. The college closed within a year of the charter revocation. The chapter roll contains 411 names.

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

John F. Blake 1960 Dr. Otto L. Sonder Advisor of the Year
David K. Heenan 1942 Delta Beta Xi Award
William L. Jambrek 1959 Delta Beta Xi Award
James Kirkwood 1967 Delta Beta Xi Award