University of New Hampshire


Durham, NH

The University of New Hampshire was founded in 1866, and initially operated on the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire. The campus relocated to Durham, New Hampshire, in 1892.

Delta Pi Epsilon was formed in early 1921 by twelve students. In 1922, they purchased a former tavern (closed by the Eighteenth Amendment, prohibition) in Durham, New Hampshire, for use as a meeting hall. The group was chartered as Pi of Alpha Kappa Pi on January 31, 1931. A house with living quarters was obtained in 1933, but only 15 members returned in the fall of 1934. The Chapter failed due to financial overhead it was unable to meet during the Depression. Fifty-eight members were initiated.

Authorization to establish a colony at University of New Hampshire had been obtained and re-colonization was planned for 2007. Independently, in 2005 a group of University of New Hampshire undergraduates organized Chi Phi Alpha (CPA) as an alternative to the fraternities active on the campus at the time. It developed over three years but did not have university recognition. To ensure the longevity of their efforts, the men of CPA sought affiliation with a national fraternity. With the assistance of the university’s Greek Life Staff, then CPA President Remzi Kahya, and Vice President Doug Lapoint, started an extensive review of national fraternities and chose to explore affiliation with Alpha Sigma Phi. By October 2009, the Colony had been approved to receive the charter of the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi.

More than 50 family members joined dozens of other friends and area Alpha Sig alumni in welcoming the new chapter on January 23, 2010. Grand Marshal John W. Tilden, Binghamton ‘93, presided over the chartering ceremonies. Past fraternity staff member, Nick Hudson-Swogger, Ohio Wesleyan ‘96, and Past Grand Senior President Richard A. Dexter, Oregon State ‘60, also participated in the installation.

The Beta Eta Chapter promised to leave its mark on Alpha Sigma Phi nationally, as past president Will Frattini, New Hampshire ‘10, joined the fraternity staff as Coordinator of Chapter Development. Brother Frattini also experienced a special moment as his father Peter, joined the candidates as they were initiated into Alpha Sigma Phi.

The Beta Eta Chapter closed again in January of 2014 after failing to meet University expectations. 

Alpha Sigma Phi retuned to campus during the fall 2017 semester. Expansion efforts were led by Coordinator of Expansion and Growth Ben Weathers, NC State ‘15. The Interest Group participated in the Provisional Chapter Installation ceremony and 44 undergraduate men were initiated into the Beta Eta Provisional Chapter on November 12, 2017. William Bruce, New Hampshire ‘17, was the Installing President. Logan Ishimine, Arizona ‘14, represented Fraternity Staff.

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Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2021, 2010 
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2022

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Eric Barnett Claman, Jr. 2019 Undergraduate Hall of Fame