Stevens Institute of Technology


Hoboken, NJ

Stevens Institute of Technology was founded in 1870. It’s fraternity system was started in 1874. Phi Nu was founded by three students on March 23, 1923. The first initiation was held on June 1, 1923. On June 24, 1926, Phi Nu was chartered in the month old fraternity, Alpha Kappa Pi, as its Gamma Chapter. In 1946, the Chapter designation was changed to Alpha Tau of Alpha Sigma Phi. Prior to World War II, the Chapter had a house at 509 River Terrace. 

Brother Jospeh Giovannoli, Stevens Tech ‘62, provided insight on the history of Alpha Tau’s housing: “In 1961 the fraternity house of Alpha Tau Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity at Stevens Institute of Technology was at 809 Castle Point Terrace in Hoboken, NJ. One year later the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity house was at 903 Castle Point Terrace, and the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was living in 809 Castle Point Terrace. This is a brief description of how and why that change came about.

In 1961, Stevens needed additional parking. It planned to expand the 8th Street parking lot at the north end of the athletic field and the south end of Castle Point Terrace. To accomplish this, Stevens needed to raze the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house and to extend the east end of the parking lot. To raze the Delt house, Stevens agreed that Delta Tau Delta could move to 809 Castle Point Terrace, which was then occupied by Alpha Sigma Phi and which was in fact a Stevens dormitory building. After making its arrangements with Delta Tau Delta, in the fall semester of 1961 Stevens informed Alpha Sigma Phi that we would have to move. After the shock and disappointment subsided, I recalled conversations I had a few years earlier with a past president of the fraternity. He had tried to purchase a house for the fraternity, but couldn’t raise enough money. Even if we could raise the money, we needed a house, preferably on Castle Point Terrace, that was large enough to accommodate the fraternity. With no houses available on the 800 block of Castle Point Terrace I examined houses on both sides of Castle Point Terrace in the 900 block.

The house that best suited our needs appeared to be 903 Castle Point Terrace. It had four stories and was arranged as an apartment building.

On the following weekend I went to my parent’s house to discuss the situation with my stepfather, John Minervini, who had a food importing business in Hoboken for many years. When I mentioned 903 Castle Point Terrace, he knew the building and the owner. For many years, John had lived on 9th Street at no. 2, next to the entrance gate to the Stevens campus. After a short time, John got back to me. The owner was willing to sell the building to John. The next question was how to finance the purchase. John offered to obtain a mortgage from his bank, and to assign the mortgage to the Alpha Tau Chapter. At that point I began to coordinate with Dick Budin and John Lindstrom, officers of the Alumni Association. On October 11th, 1961 John paid a deposit for the purchase of 903 Castle Point Terrace. 

On the morning of December 19th, my parents purchased 903 CPT, and that afternoon they sold it to the Alumni Association of Alpha Tau of Alpha Sigma Phi, Corp.”

From 1934 to 1970, Alpha Tau Chapter consistently had the highest average grade point average of any IFC member group. The Chapter conducted a blood drive on campus every semester with the American Red Cross. The Chapter continues to retain several 80 year old Pinnacle Week traditions, including composition of a limerick by each candidate for each brother.

Alpha Tau Chapter also the Manigault Award for Ritual Exemplification in 2007, and Tomahawk Awards in 1993, 1970, and 1969. Alpha Tau Chapter won Summa Cum Laude Awards in 1967-68 and 1959-60, and the Fraternity Scholarship Award for 1967-69.

Mike Krause, Stevens Tech ‘01, served as an Undergraduate Grand Councilor in 2002-04.

The Alpha Tau newsletter is “Crossed Swords,” and the Chapter issues an annual, “The Talisman.”

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2018, 2014, 2013 
Grand Senior President's Cup 1968
Most Improved Chapter Award 2004, 1978
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2019, 2016, 2012  

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

John Crabtree 1962 Delta Beta Xi Award
John A. Lidstrom 1957 Delta Beta Xi Award
Robert A. Mahan 1963 Delta Beta Xi Award
James W. Mais 1955 Delta Beta Xi Award
John R Mickowski 1964 Distinguished Merit Award
Craig A. Polk 1999 Frank F. Hargear Recipient
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Thomas J. Ritter, Jr. 2004 Frank F. Hargear Recipient
Timothy Nicholas Weeks 2010 Undergraduate Hall of Fame