Presbyterian College


Clinton, NC

Presbyterian College was established as Clinton College in 1880. It changed its name to Presbyterian College in 1890. Phi Delta Tau was organized at Presbyterian College by nine men including D.S. Blankenship, Presbyterian ‘28 in the Fall of 1926. On May 12, 1928, the group was installed as Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi by National President Wilson Hall. When chartered, the chapter had nine undergraduate members, six alumni members, and five new members. First meeting rooms were in the Adair Building, 304 W. Main Street. Upon the merger of Alpha Kappa Pi and Alpha Sigma Phi, the chapter was re-designated Alpha Psi. The chapter won seven scholarship awards from the Fraternity in the 1950’s and 60’s. In 1975 the chapter added a deck to its lodge. Brad Bryant, Presbyterian ‘73 supervised the undergraduate brothers in constructing the deck. The chapter awards an outstanding senior award, The Geoff Hall Award, named after an Alpha Psi brother who later served as President of the Beta Delta Chapter while a graduate student at Marshall University. The chapter won the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award for 1995-96.

The chapter newsletter is The Open Book. Evin Varner, Presbyterian ‘58, served as Grand Senior President of Alpha Sigma Phi from 1984 to 1985, on the Grand Council from 1978 to 1986, and as Editor of The Tomahawk from 1974 to 1986. He received the Distinguished Service Award, and after his death it was renamed the Evin C. Varner Jr. Distinguished Service Award in his honor. David S. Blankenship, Presbyterian ‘28, served as National President of Alpha Kappa Pi and on the Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi. Ben Collins, Presbyterian ‘48, William Prickett, Presbyterian ‘62, E.G. Lassiter ‘68, Blankenship, and Varner, have received Delta Beta Xi keys. Other notable alumni include Clarence Hugh Holman ‘34, author, founding co-editor of the Southern Literary Journal, and former vice president of the National Humanities Center, Captain Charles Brown MacDonald ‘39, Army veteran of WWII, famed WWII historian, and former Deputy Chief Historian for the US Army, Major General George Lafayette Mabry, Jr. ‘39, US Army veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor for valor in WWII, Major General Christian Price Patte ‘53, former Director of Logistics for NATO and former staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brigadier General Roscoe Lindsay, Jr. ‘57, US Army (retired), and William Bradley Bryant ‘73, attorney and former superintendent of public schools for the state of Georgia (2010-2011).

Records show award name and year(s) received.

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup of Distinction 2022
Alpha Kappa Pi Gold Cup of Distinction 2017 
Grand Senior President's Cup 2016
Most Improved Chapter Award 2014, 1996
Phi Pi Phi Silver Cup of Distinction 2019, 2018, 2015, 2014 

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

David S. Blankenship 1928 Delta Beta Xi Award
Theodore D. Carmichael 1993 Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Ben Lee Collins 1948 Delta Beta Xi Award
Justin Donovan Cooper 2013 Undergraduate Hall of Fame
Arthur Francis Miller 2009 Delta Beta Xi Award
Thomas McNeely Hobson 1997 Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Elwood G. Lassiter 1968 Delta Beta Xi Award
William L. Prickett 1962 Delta Beta Xi Award
Eric A. Sribnick 1995 Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Evin C. Varner, Jr. 1958 Varner Distinguished Service Award
    Delta Beta Xi Award
Jeremy Andrew White 2005 Delta Beta Xi Award