Ellsworth College


Iowa Falls, IA

Ellsworth College was founded as a four year college in 1890. Chi Pi Theta had a long history as the pioneer fraternity at Ellsworth College. In 1926, the fraternity petitioned for a charter in Alpha Kappa Pi. It marked Alpha Kappa Pi’s first growth outside the New York and New Jersey area.

The Chapter was installed as Epsilon of Alpha Kappa Pi on January 1, 1927. Alumni of the local from the classes of 1890 and 1893, as well as the President, the Business Manager, the Dean of the School of Commerce and the Bursar of the College, were among the charter members. In January 1928, the Chapter moved to 166 State Street in Iowa Falls.

In the Summer of 1928, the Iowa Department of Education revoked Ellsworth College’s charter as a four year college and it became a junior college under state control and with no social fraternities allowed. There were 28 initiates, but Adelbert Heinmuller, Coe ‘28, was transferred to the Coe College Chapter roll upon installation of that chapter. Thus, the Chapter came to its brief end with 27 names on the roster.

Upon the merger of Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Kappa Pi, the Ellsworth Chapter was re-designated as the Alpha Phi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. In 1929, after Ellsworth College had ceased four year operations, Alpha Kappa Pi initiated thirteen petitioners of a local group at Carthage College. The College prohibited the Chapter’s installation and the initiates were added to the Ellsworth Roster until 1942, when the local group at Carthage College succeeded in obtaining school approval and was installed as Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi (now Gamma Beta of Alpha Sigma Phi).