Middlebury College


Middlebury, VT

Middlebury College was founded in 1800. Local fraternity, Alpha Sigma Psi, had been organized in 1911, as an outgrowth of the Commons Club founded at Middlebury in 1906. The local submitted a petition for charter in Alpha Sigma Phi in the Spring of 1925. The local Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity membership had included three of the four football captains from World War I to the date of petitioning, the last three baseball captains, the highest G.P.A. among fraternities at Middlebury in 1923, and a Rhodes scholar in 1922. The alumni roll at chartering included 130 names.

The chapter was installed in May 1925. All graduates of the chapter in 1925 and 1926 had won varsity letters. The roll included captains of six varsity sports in 1927. The chapter had a two story brick colonial style house on Main Street, Middlebury, Vermont. In 1947 the chapter requested deletion of membership qualification requirements which had been adopted at the time of the merger with Alpha Kappa Pi (the offending restrictions were removed from the constitution in 1952). When the proposal was not immediately adopted, the chapter surrendered its charter in a dispute over the requirement that a chapter obtain license of the fraternity prior to initiating its pledges. As Alpha Sigma Psi local it continued well into the 1960s.

John Louis Donnelly, Middlebury ‘25, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 1970. Donnelly and George H. Woodward, Middlebury ‘25, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

J. Louis Donnelly 1925 Varner Distinguished Service Award
J. Louis Donnelly 1925 Delta Beta Xi Award
George H. Woodward 1925 Delta Beta Xi Award