Coe College


Cedar Rapids, IA

Coe College was founded as ‘The School for Prophets’ in 1851. Two years later, the founder received a $1,500 gift from Daniel Coe to start a co-educational college in Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Collegiate Institute was incorporated in 1853 and became the Coe Collegiate Institute in 1875. It became Coe College in 1881.

Lambda Tau Delta was established in the fall of 1920 by members of the Olio Literary Society who wanted a more comprehensive and closer social organization. In 1927, the group petitioned Alpha Kappa Pi at the instigation of members of the Ellsworth Chapter. The fraternity granted the petition and chartered the group as Zeta of Alpha Kappa Pi on January 7, 1928. 

The chapter house at 1316 First Avenue in Cedar Rapids was the first chapter house owned by a chapter of Alpha Kappa Pi. Robert Duckworth, Coe ‘28, was Chapter President for three years. Its first newsletter was “The Owl.” The Chapter became inactive due to disruptions of the Great Depression on 1937.

In 1946, the designation was changed to Alpha Chi of Alpha Sigma Phi. The Chapter was re-chartered in 1955. In 1973, the Chapter became the first Coe College fraternity to have an off-campus house since 1942. In 1974, its house, The Craig House, was the only fraternity chapter house at Coe College. In 1980, the Chapter gave up its house at 1321 “A” Avenue and moved into Green Hall, which was on campus fraternity housing. 

The chapter newsletter was “The Alpha Chi Courier.” 

After several years of low membership and declining college enrollment, Alpha Chi became inactive in 1982. The Chapter initiated 246 members.


Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

John D. Helming 1958 Delta Beta Xi Award
Howard B. Helscher 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award