University of Oklahoma


Norman, OK

The University of Oklahoma was founded in 1890, seventeen years before Oklahoma was granted statehood. Delta Kappa Rho Fraternity was organized on January 5, 1921, by five men led by Scott P. Squires, Oklahoma ‘23. When the local decided to seek national affiliation, Ivan G. Wright, Ohio State ‘11, a faculty member at Oklahoma, suggested Alpha Sigma Phi. The group petitioned for a charter, and was installed by Executive Secretary Charles Hall, Columbia ‘13, as Alpha Alpha Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi on May 23, 1923. An award, in the name of the local, was presented to the outstanding undergraduate annually. The first chapter house was leased. The second house was at 757 De Barr Street and was used from September 1923 to March 17, 1925, when it burned. In the Fall of 1925, the chapter located at 725 Asp Street, facing campus. By 1931 the chapter was located at 435 W. Boyd Street.

After World War II, M. Gene Davis, Marietta ‘41, and Jim Thomas revived the chapter in 1948. By March 1948 the chapter had nine brothers and 29 new members. By 1949 the chapter had grown to 46 brothers and 26 pledges; it purchased a house at 602 W. Boyd Street, Norman. In 1955 a remodeling project improved the house and added six rooms to the third floor. In 1970 plans for a $160,000 renovation were announced, but the house was found to be beyond repair. A new chapter house was built in 1973 at 500 College Drive. To facilitate financing, the new facility consisted of a number of apartment units, and was without the usual institutional kitchen, dining and other common areas. It was planned that a wing for kitchen, dining and living rooms was to be added on a vacant portion of the lot at a later date. Terry Womack, Oklahoma ‘73, was the first fraternity man in a generation to be elected President of the Oklahoma University Students’ Association, serving in 1975-76; he was succeeded by Tim Hightower, Oklahoma ‘75. The tradition of leadership continued with Richard Wintory, Oklahoma ‘81, who served as UOSA President in 1979-1980.

The chapter won the National Province Leadership Award for 1968. The chapter newsletter was “Alph-Alpha Hay”. Membership gradually declined and in 1987 the chapter temporarily suspended operations.

There was a reorganization in 1995 and an interest group grew to 33 members. After colonization, the group grew to 51 men and its petition for re-chartering was approved on October 2, 1997. The colony’s membership included eleven National Merit Scholarship winners. Progress toward chartering was stalled briefly while realistic plans for competitive housing were worked out. A new chapter house was obtained at 1400 College Avenue.

Installation took place on November 21-22, 1997. After brief success, the chapter died out. 898 men were initiated through January 1999.

Calvin Boxley, Oklahoma ‘23, and Richard Gibbs, Oklahoma ‘51, served the Fraternity on the Grand Council. Brother Gibbs served as Grand Senior President from 1982 to 1984, as a Trustee of the Alpha Sigma Phi  Foundation, and received the Distinguished Service Award in 1983. Brother Gibbs was principal liaison with the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity of the Philippines. Scott Grissom, Oklahoma ‘78, has served on the Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi, 2000-2006, and led the ritual exemplification committee at annual meetings of the fraternity for over a decade. Ross O. Swimmer, Oklahoma ‘62, received the Distinguished Merit Award in 1985. Thirteen initiates have received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

The Alpha Alpha Provisional Chapter at the University of Oklahoma was re-started in the Fall of 2015 by Kenny Denton, East Carolina ‘12. The initiation was held on November 1, 2015 and was conducted by Scott Rarick, Capital ‘10. The provisional chapter initiated 54 men in their first semester. The initiation was assisted by Cameron (Eta Rho) and Oklahoma State (Eta Alpha) with help from Ritual Education Team member Steven Feldman, Cameron ‘12, Grand Councilor G. Scott Grissom, Oklahoma ‘78, Mark Dixon, Oklahoma ‘97, Hap Pinkerton, Oklahoma ‘97, Lee Boelens, Oklahoma ‘97, and several other Alpha Alpha alumni. The Provisional Chapter Ceremony was held on November 4, 2015 in Dale Hall on campus, the ceremony was conducted by Scott Rarick, Capital ‘10. The founding President was Matthew Mullins, Oklahoma ‘15.

The Alpha Alpha Provisional Chapter re-chartered on September 23, 2018. The Chartering Ceremony took place at the Oklahoma Memorial Union. Keynote speakers included Past Grand Councilor Scott Grissom, Oklahoma ’78, and Chapter President Caleb Knox, Oklahoma ’15. Scott Grissom, Oklahoma ’78, also served as the Installing Officer. 81 names were on the charter.

Records show brother's name, initiation year, and award received.

Calvin P. Boxley 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award
Charles Edward Corway 1984 Delta Beta Xi Award
Howard Davis 1927 Delta Beta Xi Award
Robert F. Folker 1948 Delta Beta Xi Award
Richard R. Gibbs 1951 Varner Distinguished Service Award
Richard R. Gibbs 1951 Delta Beta Xi Award
Ronald E. Graham 1974 Delta Beta Xi Award
Geoffrey Scott Grissom 1978 Delta Beta Xi Award
Geoffrey Scott Grissom 1978 Varner Distinguished Service Award
William A. Mathes, AIA 1970 Delta Beta Xi Award
Charles C. Miles 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award
Guy H. Parkhurst 1933 Delta Beta Xi Award
J. Matt Robertson 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award
James A. Slayton 1972 Delta Beta Xi Award
Scott P. Squyres 1923 Delta Beta Xi Award
Ross O. Swimmer 1962 Distinguished Merit Award
Floyd A. Wright 1929 Delta Beta Xi Award
John C. Yarrington 1960 Delta Beta Xi Award